Chendol @ Giant, Subang Jaya

Love Chendol? Unable to taste it in Penang? I had my another choice now which is having them in Subang Jaya. There is one famous Teowchew Chendol which is the same as in Penang and as famous as in Penang is now available in Subang Jaya Giant. The stall is located at the food court of Giant Hypermarket there. The Giant food court served lots of food but i din try yet. The reason travelling there is just to have a try on the Chendol which i had found out in the net which stated it is in the top-10 famous chendol in KL

The chendol comparison with the Penang is the same. As tasty as in Penang. Oishi desu.. It can say is 99% the same as the Penang chendol taste.

Price: RM 1.90
Taste: 5/5

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