Chan Chu Nai Cha ( Pearl Tea) @ Sg Lembing, Pahang

Having myself in Sungai Lembing, pahang. How can i resist not to eat?? After meals, we walked at the nearby pasar pagi and we had the Pearl Tea there..

It reminds me at the schooldays where we buy them while waiting for buses to pick up. This delighting flavours I love most is the honey dew peach tea. Nerveless, I did snap the places over there.

There are kinda many people ordering the pearl tea there and you can see how busy is the owner of the stall

There are also various types of choices in the menu to choose on your selection of pearl tea. You can choose from cappuccino, fruits flavor and more.. and as for me, I still prefer the choices of fruity one which i ordered the honey dew flavor

Here comes my Honey Dew Pearl Tea.. yum yum.. The taste of the pearl tea is very nice and oishi as it is real kau.. and very delighting. Futhermore the pearl tea is well blended and the taste is attractively nice with the big big pearls which is not too soft or hard.

I had a post with dear with the yummy pearl tea as well. As for dear, he don really prefer sweet stuff so he din take much..

Carol however ordered something new in the stall which is the apricot pearl tea where the taste is also not bad and kinda nice… Oishi desu

Taste: 4/5
Prices: RM 3.50

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