Tang Hoon soup and char koay teow @ Rest Wong Jai Lee, Teluk Intan (Teluk Anson)

Went back to Teluk Intan with dear and we went for food craving as usual since we had decided to go for more types of different food to blog. This time, we went to Restaurant Wong Jai Lee for our breakfast. It is claimed by the locals that the food here is oishi desu.. so we plan to grab our try here.

I ordered the Tang Hoon soup while dear ordered the char koay teow. the Tang hoon soup is fabulous where the taste is nice and you can choose the ingredients to add into it. The style is like yong tau fu which make it oishi desu.

Dear ordered the char koay teow which the taste is nice as well. Not comparable to Penang the taste is not bad… and they served by using pork oil which make the char koay teow taste even nicer and more oishi and delighting.

Tang Hoon Soup: 4/5
Char Koay Teow: 3/5

Tang Hoon Soup: RM 3
Char Koay Teow: RM 3

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