Jawa Mee @ Kek Seng, Penang

Kek Seng is another place which is famous for Jawa Mee and it had been a decade this shop is opened. However It seems that there is a quality drop on the Jawa Mee. Dear and Ban Hock both ordered Jawa Mee during our trip to Penang and both ordered a different version. hahaa.. dear ordered the soup one and Ban Hock ordered the fried one.

The soup Jawa mee which dear ordered is not nice. As is because the soup or mainly call the kuah in malay is too thick and made the taste very weird and hard to eat. This is because it will make you feel the thickness of the kuah and when you taste for few bites, you are ready to give up.

As for the goreng (fried) , the taste is not bad.. and it can say is kinda nice. If you supposed to have Jawa Mee at that stall, is recommended to order the fried one than the rebus one.

Jawa Mee Rebus: 0/5
Jawa Mee Goreng:3/5

Price: RM 3.50

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