Heong peng @ Kedai Biskut Sin Guan Hoe, Teluk Intan

Heong Peng is another famous to buy things for family and i had addicted to the Heong Peng from Teluk Intan, According to dear there are 3 stores of Heong Peng which is famous in the town. The one i love the most is from the Sin Guan Hoe.

The Heong Peng from this shop is indeed very special which the fillings is very nice and a lot. Besides that, there is a lot of sesame sauce which that had been put to make it even more tasty and smells even nicer.

Price: RM 6.50
Taste: 5/5
Address: Kedai Biskut Sin Guan Hoe,
23, Jalan Pasir Bendamar, 36000Teluk Intan, Perak,
Tel: 05-6215094

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