Wan Tan Mee @ Ming Tian Food Court, Taman Megah

– The Stall-

Went to Ming Tian Food Court at Taman Megah and this time I tried something different which is the Wan Tan Mee. The Wan Tan Mee in Ming Tian is so so lo.. The mee is not the one I preferred which make me a bit disappointing and have some sorts of unable to finish.. They provide more pork than usual and not much wantan… though I ordered JUST wantan.. and seems that the owner do not know wat I meant.. haiz

Taste wise is not bad.. and just the wantan don have much meat.. I can just say I taste the skin more than the meat lo..
Overall I can’t say much, but not my choice

Taste: 2/5
Price: RM3.50

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