Prawn Mee, Popiah, western and Dessrts @ SS2, PJ

SS2 food court can say that u can get most of every Penang food there … but it just the matter of nice if compared to Penang.

Carolynn ordered the Prawn Mee . Looking at the look the prawn mee looks very nice..and is real nice after tasting it. The prawn mee I can say have the 80% taste and look like the one in Penang .. so it can say if u wan to eat Har mee.. u can consider this stall la.. 😛

-Prawn Mee-

The Popiah is a bit dry and not as nice as the one in Penang.. The popiah skin is a bit rough and without the soup, the taste is kinda dry and makes me not really nice..

– popiah-

Bro ordered the Black Pepper Lamb Chop. According to him.. is simply oishi.. WHY? the lamb is well cooked as well as it is not too hard.. and is smooth. The black pepper sauce is nice as it is simply HOT enough to make u feel the black pepper mood there…

-Black Pepper Lamb Chop –

As for me, I din take much except for the longan dessert. The longan dessert is not bad.. but is jus a bit too sweet for me.. and the aunty is kind enough to give me extra longan le..

Hokkien Mee – 4/5
Popiah- 2/5
Black Pepper Lamb Chop- 3/5
Longan Desset- 2/5

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