Curry Mee & Jawa Mee @ Old Town Coffeeshop , SS2

The old town coffeeshop in SS2 is real takai desu compare too many old town coffee shop which is a bit small. There have ample of seats as well as is feel like u are in a nyonya style place


That’s some of the picture I am able to snap this time

Kelly ordered the curry mee.. overall the curry mee taste is not bad.. but is not as spicy as I thought it should. Overall the curry mee is some sorts like nyonya style as it is very lemak.

For me I ordered Lam mee which is also called Birthday Mee. The Lam Mee is nice.. and the sauce is real sticky as well. and is real big plate.. neverless we ordered the coffee as well.. but I din snap dem.. hahhaa…

overall the taste is really ichiban compared to the one in Penang

Taste: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Price: 19 for 2 person

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