Chef delight, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Chef Delights can consider one of my favorite place of having my meals especially western food in Penang..em.. de food is considered nice and cheap.. and one of my favorite is de fried rice.. is a western style fried rice which comes which chopped ham.. and the taste is extremely oishi desu till I cant say NO to it… First and foremost de shop is located @ where? is along the Pulau Tikus Market- Chef Delights where it has not only open on afternoon but in the evening as well.. Close on Tuesday.. oh ya, long time ago, the stall was at Tip Top along Jalan Burmah before they shifted here.

One of my favorite is the fried rice.. here comes the oishi fried rice when it was served hot.. oishi des….. I love them so so much until I can say I will never resist and complete a whole plate of fried rice wif out any hesitation… wahhahaha…..oh ya, my usual me… is will always have this wif pisang emas goreng… yummy

Mums love the garlic fish set where the fish they served is not durri fish but other fish. My mum don’ t like to have durri fish.. as this shop don served that fish, so my mum ordered them. The taste is nice and they served with lots of garlics on the fish… Its where the fish with the flour are dipped into garlic before taken to put in hot high temperature wok to fry them.

Overall we love the food from Chef Delights and be visiting there when feel like having western food… Reasonable price of food and oishi taste.

The shop closes on Tuesday
Open : 12 pm – 3 pm; 6 pm- 9 pm
Taste: 5/5

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