Banana Leaf Rice @ Nirwana Maju , Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

This is my first time to Bangsar.. and the place seems like real high class to me.. my fren , Li Ping recommended de famous banana leaf rice in Bangsar… so we headed up there to try… I can say the restorant is real pack and there are many ppl dere waiting for place.. jus to have a trial of the banana leaf rice.
This banana leaf rice for me does not really nice .. and it comes with curry, some vege and vege… no daging at all…. no meat …and other than tat all need to order ala carte… and the price is not cheap lo.. Taste buds wise is ok nia.. I still prefer the Penang one.. hahhahaha…..

Taste: 2/5
Price: kinda expensive

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