Pasembur @ Greenlane Man Wah, Penang

I have not really know there is a Pasembur stal @ Man Wah till recently saw a lady opposite table ordered them. Emmm.. the pasembur of this stall seems like copying the style I had in Batu Lanchang where they put the jellyfish on top of it which make it taste oishi.. hahaha.. and really love them very much..

The sauce is not that spicy as well.. only ngam ngam … and nice. Overall I can rate them as 4/5 and oishi.. and other ingredients is kinda the same not much different.

Taste: 4/5


  1. StrawberrY Gal says

    hi malaysian explorer,
    same goes to me.. now i am in KL.. and going back penang every 2 weeks to cari makan… haha

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