Baoz from Esquire Kitchen, Sungei Wang , Kuala Lumpur

Oishi Oishi… Char siew Baoz.. from Esquire Kitchen @ Sg wang.. oishi desu..Everytime walk pass this shop, will smell nice smell of the char siew pao… making me always hungry.. but always I din manage to buy them cause I am too early before the shop open.. u can smell de baking smell which make u feel so so hungry and wanna grab a bite of it.

The shop is situated at the 3rd floor of Sg Wang and is it on its way to go to de LRT station. hehhe.. so mostly I pass through de lrt to station to the mall.. I will smell nice char siew bao smell… and wanna grab a bite

At last I have a chance to grab a bite of the oishi baoz.. which making me hungry again.. and without hesitation I bought 3 from the lady .. RM1.70 each…

The fillings is full with the pork.. and is juicy enough.. and when u bite on it .. is crispy on the skins and juicy on the fillings … Oishi oishi desu… Yummy…………. is worth for the money for this juicy char siew bao

Price: RM 1.70
Taste: 5/5

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