Lurve Twisties…

TWISTIES..junk food lorr when we heard of it..but tis time hor, they invested into healthy line wor..tis twisties LURVE is actually a healthy kinda chips wor…y is it called LURVE??cuz its made with LOVE wor so is healthy product lo..
Haha.. i have bought a pack today after recomended by HP. .. ok la.. taste wise.. me is not a snack lovers and junk food lovers.. so for me, is nice .. The new and latest and the only multigrain chips in the market.. Mill and mash with wheat, oats, rice, corn & sunflower seed Into this wavy little chips at the right amount of flavours

Priced at RM 2.80 per packet
At only 45grams
Which is extremely ‘little’ and ‘light’
And kinda expansive

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