Lunch @ Swenson, Q’bay Mall, Penang

Is HP bday and we went to have lunch in Swenson this time.. a kinda nice lunch .. we reached there around 12 pm and is kinda a lot of people tday.. wat else.. is Friday.. everyone is having a holiday mood.. TGIF.. haha. We ordered 2 set lunch which comes with a set of western food and a soup, with an ice cream.. The service is kinda slow..

Here it comes de set with mine.. is a chicken (wat the name I also forgot) – too complicated name la.. is all fried fried nia la. Nice and yummy … but le .. de portion is very very besar leh.. dono if they have small portion bo leh. Haha.. the dishes is nice..

then dey served the soup as well.. em.. me not found on soup..still acceptable but can’t finish also lo…

HP ordered fish.. but I also dono how to describe.. looks oishi.. he commented oishi.. haha.. looking at it the portion not as heavy as mine. Haha.. he say is nice and everything is oishi.. so since den.. it will 5/5 for the food la. ..the ice cream is nice… peppermint..hehhe.. I love it very much… very cooling

Price: RM 50 ++

Taste: 4/5

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