Pisang [email protected] School Road, Green Lane

As far as I can remember, the goreng pisang stall has been around for a long time even way back during my schooling days. I would always make my way through the side entrance after the extra curriculum activities and head down the road just for the goreng pisang. Till today, the stall remains unchanged except for the fact that the business is now run by the son. Besides goreng pisang, you can find other yummy fried snacks like tnee kueh (glutinous cake), potatoes, tapioca rolls, yam and also curry puffs. From this stall, you can find the delicious food of the goreng pisang as well as the crispy taste which i adore always. Whenever i pass that round about along the Free School Road, it will be a must for me.. haha.. yummy. Lastly, the goreng pisang stall is open from noon to 5pm from Monday till Saturday.
Taste: 4/5

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