Nyonya Delights @ Yee Hong, Bukit Jambul, Penang

Was in Yee Hong having dinner and spotted this Nyonya Stall.. which have a few selection of Nyonya food.. which includes curry chicken, sour fish and more.. Me, mum and dad at last make our decison to taste the food here.. em.. wat we ordered is curry chicken, mengkuang char and lastly taufu.

The curry chicken is kinda nice but jus a bit salty. Overall is ok. 3 pc of chicken where each piece cost RM 1.50. The curry chicken is the type which put more santan which is wat the Nyonya style is. The style is where is real lemak taste.

We also ordered the mengkuang goreng which the taste is extremly oishi. Really nice and yummy which is RM 3 per bowl and a taufu which is nice. The mengkuang goreng is the combination of tiny slices of mengkuang with tiny of sotong kering as well as carrots and mengkuang. The taufu is normal taufu with bits of chilly paddy cook with it. Not bad

Mum make an extra order which is the mengkuang roll which is not bad. It is the roll of mengkuang goreng and wrap them and deep fried. Jus kinda oily.

Overall jus cost us about RM 14 fr 3 with 4 bowl of rice.

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