I love Biscuits Egg Tart

Went to Qbay and spotted this little stall at the corner of Jusco at the basement of Qbay Mall. The name is I love biscuits where they are selling a lot of HALAL pasteries like we can find them in pork at Wong Kok as well. What is good is they have their pasteries made by chicken as well their egg tart is totally different. The egg tart is completely not the same as they have a few flavors like I took in John King in KL. John King is the nicest egg tart that I ever tasted. This one not bad as well. They have normal egg tart, coffee flavor and some other flavor as well. What is good is they are HALAL.. So Malays also can take dem.. And enjoy the chinese pasteries. Other than that, wat is really good is less cholesterol. Yummy yummy … oishi desu.. But a bit salty which my dad claims… I bought egg tarts which I think is not bad where the egg feeling is kinda a lot and smooth.. oishi

Taste: 4/5
Price:RM 1.50

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