Pure Durian Ice cream @ Kek Seng, Penang

Love Ice creams… i love durian ice creams as well.. i had tried many place durian ice cream but this is really different from many places.. cause is really pure ice cream that have pure durian smells dere.. when u taste eat u can taste the real durian taste like u are eating durian.. one bad thing it melts real fast.. so u better order after ur food.. or not u jus get durian water only..

Taste them and let me know.. oh ya.. where is this coffeeshop..Oh it is Kek Seng Coffeshop.. located opposite Komtar.. where u can see de old houses dere.. it is famous fr many local delicious food… try them let me know.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 2


  1. Snapshots says

    You found “The Original” Kopi tiam in Penang for Fantastic food, One of which is Durian Ice Cream, I can remember 40 years ago, My Mom brought us there every school holiday for the food. What Fantastic there, Chicken Rice, Chee Chong Fun, Ice Kachang with Ice Cream, Laksa, Poh Piah.

    Unfortunately now, No place to park my car to enjoy the food. The Chicken Rice in “Branches” is actually better then Fetty Loh!

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