Seafood Platter @ Fish & Co, Gurney Plaza

Makan Makan Makan.. after a long time of big shopping wif my frens.. wif this, we walking around to grab something to eat.. eating til de fullest..we are thinking to have NAndos.. but its full so we shift to Fish & Co..The outlet is located at the ground floor in between McDonalds and Sushi King. I forgot what name that stretch of walkway is called.

The ambience is nice with seafood theme decorations all over. We ordered the ‘Seafood Platter for one’ and also the Ice Lemon Tea.

The Tea arrived first and it was good!!! For a long time I’ve never tasted such a full iced lemon tea. It came in a big glass too. Unfortunately, it’s bloody expensive.

Overall, I am very very very full.. and is a big portion fr me..

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