Home Cooking- Steam Prawn


It has been a long time.. not cooking.. and this time is steam prawns.. Steam prawns wif egg are real nice. .. and the taste a bit like having crabs.. but having prawns instead.. em.. how i make dem..

Wat u need

1. 2 eggs.. just want the white egg.. don wan the yolk

2. Fresh prawns

3. a pinch of salt

4.fresh coriander leaves ( not garnishing)

5. water


1. wash the prawns and cuts the prawns centre a bit.

2. Add a pinch of salt to the white egg and add 4 cups of egg shells into it and beat them

3.Pour the egg white into the plate with the prawns

4. Steam them together when u cook your rice.

5. It will be cooked once your rice is cooked.

6. Now you can eat 😛

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