Black forest and White Chocolate Macadamia @Secret Recepies

Haven been to secret recepies fr a long time.. and all of the sudden feeling like biting cakes.. so went to secret recepies for a taste of cakes.. actually i was thinking having cheese cake.. but .. at the end many sold out.. so i jus take up this two cakes.. as I will be sharing them wif frens…

Wat I take.. em.. Black forest.. a simple one yet delicious.. and White Chocolate Macadamia .. sounds nice.. so I jus grab them

White Chocolate Macadamia –

The white Choc is very nice especially on the texture of the cake.. and the nice yummy smells of it.. :)

-Black Forest –
As for Black Forest not much comment.. as is all de same everywhere.. but is yummy though..

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