MBUJI CAFE’s vision began from a chance visit by our founder, Dr. Alice Sai together with her business partner, Mr. Gus Savvas, a renowned coffee roaster in Australia to a little village in Mbinga, Tanzania where coffee is grown. The most outstanding landmark amidst the lush, green landscape is a giant rock named Mbuji (pronounced as “Boo-ji”). Through Mbuji Cafe, we hope to raise the awareness of common thread of humanity that unites peoples from all walks of life. With this love for coffee and for our fellow coffee-lovers, we strive to serve you with the only best graded coffee beans from all around the world – which is the AAA and the AA grades!

Location IOI Mall Puchong,Tropicana City Mall, Taylor Lakeside Campus Sunway, Sg. Wang Plaza (Now opened), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone 03-6143 9296
Email [email protected]


Mbuji, a very special name it is. Pronounced as “Boo-ji”. Derived from a rock in Tanzania is what we are going to try for this round. we spotted the restaurant when we are in the Tropicana Mall searching for food. The environment is cool with a beautiful style of atap house alike and the place had … [Read more...]