Namba Oriental Hotel

Newly renovated Superior Rooms, which are located on ORIENTAL QUALITY FLOOR, 8th & 9th floor, offer you a calm, stylish and upscale feeling.  Triple Room accommodates up to 4 guests with an extra bed. Exclusive Service and Room Features for guests staying at superior rooms Late … [Read more...]


Another coffee place to go in Japan is Doutor Coffee (株式会社ドトールコーヒー) . It is one of the famous coffee shop franchising where they are specializing in coffee roasting. The company currently have over 900 locations in Japan, has begun expansion in Taiwan and South Korea. We are there earlier and … [Read more...]


Lotteria is one of the famous burger chain in Japan. Established in 1972, Lotteria Burger had its first branches opened in Nihonbashi, Ueno and Yokohama. Unlike ‘imports’ like McDonald’s and Burger King, Lotteria Burger was one of the first few fast food restaurants that was regarded as an … [Read more...]