Canton-I is the place to begin your gastronomic journey with the authentic hand-made Hong Kong dim sum. In here, we are able to treat ourself with the renowned Hong Kong style of noodles and many other delicious items. The Scallop Porridge is filled with delicious scallop in it. The bowl of … [Read more...]


Canton-i is a restaurant which offers contemporary Hong Kong delights. We have been visiting a few times to Canton-I for meal and this round, we are going for more. What we have? Black Pepper Udon is our order today. The noodles which is well fried with black pepper taste and it comes with shrimps … [Read more...]


Canton-I is a place of the world of Cantonese Cuisine like the authentic hand-made Hong Kong dim sum. Aside, Canton- I is famous for the Hong Kong style noodles with jumbo shrimp wontons, aromatic roast goose and delightfully smooth congee. The shop also brings very best of Hong Kong cuisine to … [Read more...]

Little Dim Sum Place @ SS2

Little Dim Sum Place is being voted as one the nicest dim sum in town by KLUE. This time, I make my visit there for some dim sum. The location is at the SS2 and it is just a few blocks away from the Maybank in SS2. As we are still not hungry, we just ordered some simple delights for a taste.  I … [Read more...]

Meal @ Lot 10 Food Junction

Lot 10 had opened its food juction where you can find the nice food in town. The food juction had been visited by a famous Hong Kong food critics - Choy Lan. This time, i am there to try some of the food there. I had ordered a Tomyam Seafood Glass Noodles.It is being ordered from the stall " THAI … [Read more...]