Sri Nibong Cafe is one of the popular hot-spots for locals around Bayan Lepaas area for breakfast as well as lunch. The coffeeshop is usually packed with customers which sometimes we hardly can find a place to sit. The coffee shop is famous for some speciality which includes the luncheon meat bread … [Read more...]


Taman Emas Kopitiam is another place for a kopitiam dine in the afternoon in Penang. The location? It is just opposite The Peng Hwa Chinese Girl School. The shop is a small corner shop and there are few stalls like curry mee, popiah, chee cheung fan, laksa as well as Char Koay Teow. The popiah here … [Read more...]

Qing sui wan,Teluk Intan

Qing Sui Wan, Teluk Intan is a place where you can have a nice delighting food as well in Teluk Intan. Though is a small town but you can find a lot of local delicious food and delighting one as well. One of the place for delighting ikan panggang and sate is here. Ikan panggang here had becoming me … [Read more...]

Meal at thean chun, ipoh

Thean Chun is one of the famous location which serves an incredible Ipoh delicious food where you can find almost all the nicest thing there. Though the quality is slightly drop but the taste is neverless still acceptable nice and oishi.The shop is a bit of the old old style and the place is quite … [Read more...]

Meals at Sun Hin Loong, SS2

Sun Hin Loong which is located at SS2 is also a place you can get nice food besides at the Wai Sek Kai. For a change this time we went there for our dinner.For me, I ordered the Hakka Mee, which is quite nice. Hakka Mee is one of the famous Hakka dishes. Hakka Mee is mostly having pork on top of the … [Read more...]