Located in Balik Pulau, there is one little shops which is selling mee goreng had captured our attention. Brought by the locals, we are there to grab some of the delicious things in Balik Pulau. The shop does not have any name but it is easily spotted nearby the Balik Pulau Roundabout. Selling … [Read more...]


Ee Hai Coffeeshop is one of the visit during the fine morning food adventures. It is being too lazy during the holiday and I went for a quick brunch at Ee Hai Coffeeshop. The coffeeshop serves a variety of stalls which they have wan tan noodles, prawn mee and more. When we arrived, a lot of the … [Read more...]


Adjacent to the Royale Bintang hotel, the Terrace is designer for guest with preferance for an outdoor view. It features wide open spaces with an informal setting. The covered section has a cascading waterfall that leads cool and serene ambience. Lush grennery spread along walls where makes is a … [Read more...]


Seng Lee Cafe which is located along Jalan Burmah off Bangkok Lane is already well known for the Indian Muslim Mee Goreng. Aside many famous one which is there like Jones Road Mee Goreng and more, this Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng had been featured in The Star Newspaper and more. I had been having the … [Read more...]

Mee Goreng @ Padang Brown

Padang Brown is a place for local food and this time besides having the laksa and the dim sum, we also ordered the mee goreng which taste nice as well. It comes with taufu and squaids as well as taugeh included. The nice thing is it served with banana leaf which makes it even taste nicer. A nice … [Read more...]

Kayu Nasi Kandar-Penang

Kayu nasi Kandar is one of the famous 24 hours nasi kandar in Penang and it is famous for its longest roti tisu as well as many food there. This time, on my schedule back Penang with dear, we went to have Nasi Kandar since we arrived in Penang kinda late this time. What we had?I ordered a normal … [Read more...]