Apom Manis @ New Lane, Penang

Apom Manis is another food choice In Penang. This stall in New Lane at the left corner sells very nice apom manis. Yummy and oishi.. The apom manis that is made is not like the big big one which is found in many stalls but this one is the mini apom.. haha.. The procedure is kinda the same but it is … [Read more...]

Burmah Road Apong..

Apong is a type of pancake that you can get in Malaysia. Strangely I am not an Apong fan but it was recomended by Ho Chiak from TV8 thats wat i wan to get a try on itPenang island..... is a place for Apong?... truely it is... The Apong Heaven,..... so fluffy, so creamy, so light, so soft and yet … [Read more...]

Apom Balik

Apong Balik is a kind of Malaysian pancake filled with sliced bananas. Click on the link above and check out the picture; need I say more?i recomends:New Lane Hawker JuctionMacalister Road10400 PenangBusiness hour: 6 pm to midnightApong GuanMacalister RoadRight beside Union Primary SchoolPulau Tikus … [Read more...]