Hagi Japanese Restaurant brings you with MCO Inspired Dishes

During the MCO, many of use faces difficulty of ordering food or even thinking which food should we have in order to have them still good and delicious when it is served to our doorsteps.

And being a big of Japanese Food, Hagi Japanese Cuisine brings you with the variety choices of meal that definitely makes you wanted to go back for more. And this time, Hagi Japanese Cuisine offers you with their NEWLY created MCO menu which I am definitely in love with..

Hagi Garden Salad

The Hagi Salad is one of the must try salad here. The healthy blend of greenies are packed with the awesomely delicious temptations in one bowl. They have the tamago, tobiko, avacado, lettuce ,  cucumber in one hearty bowl. And you can enjoy them with their home-made sesame sauce.

Salmon Mentai Maki

We really enjoyed how the Salmon Mentai Maki is done. The salmon is perfectly seared till perfection and wrapped beautifully and then topped with the generous pure mentaiko on top. The dish is absolutely good and delicious where the mentai sauce brings up the umami taste of the dish itself.

Sushi Set

For those who are big fans of sushi, you can go for their sushi set. The Hosomaki Set comes with the thin sliced fish on top. You can enjoy the salmon sushi, Ikura Sushi, Ama Ebi, Hotate, Salmon Aka Fuedai, and Hirame Sushi in one plate. Instead of using the normal sushi rice, Hagi’s sushi rice are indeed special as their sushi rice is made from the red vinegar instead.

Unagi Maki

The Unagi Maki is a must to try here. The Unagi Maki is beautifully wrapped with the delicious unagi and avocado together. Then topped with the sesame on top. Each bites brings comes with the creaminess texture from both the unagi and avocado.

Aburi Don

A hearty dish completes with flavours and the umami. You can enjoy the perfectly grilled sashimi  ( Toro, Salmon & Engawa) which is beautiful laid on the bed of sushi rice. It is then topped with the bubbly ikura which brings the umami taste to it.

Steak Don

The Steak Don is just so good that we will definitely return for more. The  Australian Wagyu Steak is perfectly cooked using Ooba butter. Each pieces of the Steak is so good and brings you with the mouth-filling savouriness.

For those who are looking for a nice Japanese Dining place, Hagi is definitely a place worth to visit. You can opt for delivery as well as they have delivery service during this hard time.

Delivery Time : 12pm to 7pm. 6pm will be the last call as they promised their dear customers their food to be delivered within an hour. Hence the earliest order for delivery will be placed at 11am in the morning.
Free Delivery Charge within 10km for over RM 100 bill  and the below RM 100 will be subjected to RM 5 delivery charge ( within 10km). For Delivery more 10 km, they will be using Lala Move, Grab or Speedy and the charging fee is according to the service charge.

Address: 18, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 014-358 9434
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday (11:30am–2:30pm, 6–10:30pm)
GPS Location : 3.1489517,101.6298203

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