Healthy Cuisines Around the World and Ingredients Behind Them

Many people think that having hot dogs or pizza for meals is great. Well, it might be, but it is unfortunately not the healthiest. People consuming this kind of food have a long way to go before they can consider themselves healthy. Some are suffering from diseases like cancer, heart disease, and the like. It is not boring to eat healthy foods. They are great as well. Here is a list of the healthiest food around the world and the ingredients that make them very healthy. If you happen to travel to these regions in the future, you will know what to look for by the end of this article.

Indian Dishes
Indian food is great and always packed with flavor. It has so many delicious ingredients that make it spicy and hot. Many Indians are vegetarians, and you will find them using ingredients like potatoes, rice, okra (ladies’ fingers), bitter gourd (karela), cauliflower (gobi), and aubergine among many others. Frequently used spices and herbs include chilies, paprika, curry leaves, and mixed spices to mention a few. Some of the spices in Indian food are rich in antioxidants, which is a bonus for vegetarians. Some dishes contain ghee, which provides a protein boost for the body. For those who eat meat, pork and chicken are very common choices.

Italian Delicacies
Well, we won’t talk about grilled chicken or pizza here, but Italy’s great dishes are made with herbs such as oregano, bay, cilantro, and mixed spices. Pasta dishes might have tomatoes, cheese, seafood, chicken, and peas. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are the traditional salad dressings. All these can help you prepare a very healthy dish.

Mexican Dishes
Foods like burritos are well known in Mexico. But they cannot be compared to the traditional Mexican dishes. These are even healthier. All in all, their meals are based on corn flour, wheat, beans, avocado, chilies, and fruits. They also serve meals with cheese,which is exceptionally tasty! For the healthiest Mexican meals, you can add CBD from this source as one of the ingredients. Visit Mexico or an authentic Mexican restaurant and find a lot of healthy dishes for your body.

Greek Food
Food from Greece offers a lot of healthy ingredients that make it an excellent addition to your diet. Their diet contains olive oil, a little meat, and a lot of vegetables or even fresh fruits. With this kind of ingredients, they make dishes like souvlaki. Research has it that Greeks may have healthy muscles and a long lifespan due to the foods they consume.

Korean Food
Koreans must be very thankful for the healthy ingredients such as soybean paste (doenjang), chili pepper paste (gochujang), garlic, ginger, and a variety of vegetables that they use to make their meals. These types of ingredients protect from diseases like cancer, and because of this, Korean dishes have become very beneficial in the United States where many people suffer from cancer.

The secret to a long life is eating food made from healthy ingredients. Preparing your meals at home is a sure way to include all the ingredients that you want. You can also expand your palate by visiting other places around the globe to enjoy their dishes as well.

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