Steamboat & Dim Sum from Home with Xin Cuisine, Concorde Kuala Lumpur

Fancy of having steamboat? It is time to grab them from Xin Cuisine. Xin Cuisine in Concorde Kuala Lumpur brings you with a tempting and delicious steamboat meal which never fails me. During this time, we are so tempted with their steamboat and decided to order them.

Xin Cuisine’s which is popular for their Chinese Cuisine do serve a great wide choice of food and their steamboat is one of the thing that must try in Xin Cuisine. In here, Xin Cuisine offers you with two choices of broth which is the Curry Broth and the Herbal Chicken Soup broth.

And in here, one can enjoy these delicious steamboat that packed with great ingredients such as Dried Scallop with Fish Paste, Fish Gluten, Homemade Dumpling, Pork Ball, Fresh Scallop, Tiger Prawn, Grouper fillet, Fish Maw, Squid, Sliced Bacon, Sliced Pork, Fried Wanton, Baby Pak Choy, Chinese Cabbage , Oyster Mushroom, Baby Corn, Crispy Gluten Sheet, Tofu, Mee Hoon and Egg Noodle.

Each of the items are beautifully packed and sealed when it arrived. The steamboat set is perfectly suits for the home as every mouthful of the soup comes aromatic with the herbs for those who ordered their Herbal Chicken Soup Broth.

And for those who goes for their Curry Broth, oh my this is amazingly good and delicious. Every mouthful of their broth is packed with the aromatic curry blend which is heavenly good. The fragrance spices which is infused in the soup is so good that I don’t mind enjoying them just with noodles.

As for the ingredients wise, it is really fresh and delicious. The fried Wanton, Dumpling, Fish Paste are made in house which ensure you with perfect quality delights.

If you are a big fans of dim sum , you can now go for their frozen dim sum or non frozen where they comes with wide choices and variety . Their dim sum is indeed heavenly which really wow ME. Their dim sum selection is so good where I don’t mind ordering more.

One can enjoy their siew mai,  dumplings, char siew bao and many more. Each of their items are beautifully packed and deliciously done making me want to order more from them to stock up. And what’s more is they are really convenient and easily cook where I just need to steam them on my steamer and enjoy them in less than 10 minutes.

And now, Xin Cuisine offers you with free delivery with RM 150 purchase. So, why not grab your dim sum or even steamboat now. For more information, do checkout Concorde Hotel KL FB for more information.

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