Red Chili Hotpot King @ Sri Petaling

For those who are fans of hotpot or even more than that, it is time to visit the uniquely taste of Hotpot by the name of the Red Chili Hotpot King. Located at Sri Petaling, this hotpot shop captures my attention where they serve something unique compared to the usual hotpot outlet.

The Red Chili Hotpot is one of the places to visit if you are looking for a nice and yet delighting meals. Red Chili Hotpot offers you with the wide variety of choices of hotpot set which definitely tempt you till the fullest.

You can have your choice of their signature hotpot where you can choose either medium spicy or spicy. Asides from that, you can have your pot of choice. And in Red Chili Hotpot , they have come up with a variety choices of ingredients or even you can choose your favourite ingredients too.

This time, we had savoured the wide variety of choices which includes the Hotpot Spicy Drumsticks, Hotpot Spicy Pork Ribs, Hotpot Spicy Grilled Fish, Hotpot Spicy Beef, Hotpot Spicy Lamb, and many more.

Hotpot Spicy Pork Ribs (RM 18 (S)/ RM 33 (L))

The Hotpot Spicy Pork Ribs comes with the awesome chunks of pork ribs. The pork ribs comes uniquely good with the aromatic flavours which is well absorb into the meat. We love how they are being cooked where the meat remains its juiciness and every mouthful is divinely good. They are also topped with the generous ingredients.

Hotpot Spicy Drumstick (RM 18 (S)/ RM 33 (L))

The Hotpot Spicy Drumstick is something to look forward where you can have the umph of the spiciness. The drumstick remains its juiciness. We choose for the spicy version for the Drumstick which give us a better kick and umph!

Hotpot Spicy Grilled Fish (RM 21 (S) / RM 36 (L))

For those who are fans of fish, go for their delicious pipping hot and spicy salmon fillet. The fillet is beautifully fried till perfection with the awesome sauce. Simply delicious!

Hotpot Spicy Frog  (RM 23 (S)/ RM 38(L))

One can enjoy the best delectable spicy frog here. It is something to look forward where the frog is so fresh and good. I am perfectly in love with it and every mouthful comes delectably good and delicious.

Hotpot Spicy  Prawns(RM 23 (S)/ RM 38(L))

You can also have the prawn’s version if you are a big fan of prawns. Enjoy the juicy pulpy prawns which comes addictively good.

Overall, Red Chili Hotpot is another great place to dine if you are a big fan of spicy delights.

21G, Jalan Radin Bagus 1, Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-9543 9999

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