Editor Picks : Ten Must Buy Mooncake for 2019 Mid Autumn Festival

As mooncake festival is approaching, we have many friends that asked us where to get their mooncakes. And this year, mooncakes are getting more creative and even their packaging is really beautiful.

1) Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur had never disappointed us with their mooncake every year and this year their boxes comes simply elegant and beautiful. As for their mooncakes, one must try their baked mooncakes which includes their Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste, White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk , Assorted Nuts & Sun Dried Fruits.

2) Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The exclusive mooncakes come perfectly an indulgence. Their classic mooncakes are beautifully packed with the golden yellow boxes and their traditional baked mooncake comes exclusively delicious with the thin crust and the melts in the mouth bites.

3) Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Love the creative mooncake boxes where they comes with the light and Bluetooth speaker ( 2 in one) function. The Westin Mooncakes are indeed exclusively beautiful and never missed their exciting flavours which will makes you craving for more. One must try their this year new flavours which includes Cranberry Green Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, Taro Sensation and the Superb Mixed Nuts

4) Grand Imperial

The Grand Imperial mooncakes never disappoint me every year. Their mooncake packaging comes simply elegant and yet mooncakes are really good and delicious. And this year must try flavours includes   Oolong with Pu’Er;Bamboo Charcoal with White Lotus Tiramisu, Pandan Lotus Paste Single Yolk and the Almond with Sesame White Lotus Paste as well.

5) Grand Harbour

Back to basic, Grand Harbour offers us with their homemade mooncake. The mooncake is made in house by their chef daily using pork lards and fresh ingredients. If you are looking for a pork lard mooncake here is the place.

6) Intercontinental KL

Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur never disappoint us with their creative mooncakes.  Intercontinental Hotel KL brings you with the perfectly indulgence mooncake where you can have their signature mooncakes such as Green Tea Paste with Tiramisu, and Pomegranate Snow Skin with Teo Chew Yam Paste and Single Yolk!

7) Dragon I

Dragon I never fail us with their mooncake. Their mooncakes are really good especially their snowskin durian mooncake is always a must for me. Enjoy these bites of mooncakes that will definitely melts in the mouth as well as their baked skin mooncake too.

8) Concorde Hotel KL

Concorde Hotel KL mooncakes are really good asides from their beautiful creative packaging. And one of my favourites from Concorde KL is their durian mooncake which is my tip top selections. Their creamy snowskin durian

9) Hilton KL

Collaboration with  Christy Ng , Hilton Kuala Lumpur neverless brings you impressive mooncakes. The must try mooncakes includes their Chynna Rose, Heavenly Gold and also Blue Moon

10) Inside Scoop

If you are looking for some unique mooncake, go for Inside Scoop where you can enjoy these icy delicious ice cream mooncakes. Their price comes affordable and they are really worth to buy .

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