Calling all Lamb Lovers to Tony Roma’s

Satisfy your meat craving now in one goal and makes your craving more exciting and delectable with the brand-new promotion for lamb lover. Lamb lover will definitely in love with the brand-new menu where Tony Roma’s had introduced their first lamb entree back in 2013. They had now perfecting the dish since and ensuring each bites of the lamb delights will wow you till the fullest.

In Tony Roma’s; one can have their juicy lamb ribs which is beautifully marinated and cooked till perfection to achieve the deep, delicious smoky flavours had won the ‘Brand Innovation’ from Roma Corp.

And this time around, one can have enjoy the perfect selection of Tony Roma’s Lamb Lover’s Platter (RM158 nett) is back on the menu. And this Lamb Lover’s Platter is served with the tender and seasoned Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Ribs with honey plum sauce, Lamb Cevapi with pickle onion served with Crispy Potato Chips. And the Lamb Cevapi is filled with aromatic flavors of lamb together with spice. And they are beautifully paired with the pickle onions.

If you do not want to have a heavy meal, you can go for their Lamb Ribs (RM70.80) where the ribs are served with the tenderlicious delights where the lamb ribs comes perfect and well layered with the meat and fats in between. The dish is beautifully furnished with the reduction of honey and plum combined with fresh juice and hand -cut ginger. Served together with the Crunchy Onion Rings.

Lamb Burger (RM  55.00 nett)

One can also have this Lamb Burger where the lamb patty is made in house and they are perfectly grilled till perfection. The Lamb Patty topped with cheese, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato and filled with special sauce, served with the Crunchy Onion Rings.

Lamb Shoulder (RM 85.80)

Have this Lamb Shoulder which is perfectly marinated for 48 hours and cooked for 15 minutes. Grab this tenderlicious and well-seasoned Lamb shoulder which is beautifully crafted and served with the Crunchy Onions Ring.  Deliciously done!

Lamb Flatbread (RM 55 nett)

Don’t miss out the signature Lamb Flatbread where you can enjoy this awesomely good flatbread that is topped with the grilled lamb, melted Harvati Cheese, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Wild Mushroom, Red peppers, chives and the creamy horseradish sauce.

Crunch Tower (RM 18.80 nett)

Another must have the Crunch Tower where this sides is meant to enjoy together with family and friends. One can enjoy this crisp, rich flavour and fun starters that is great for sharing. In here, one can enjoy the rich and flavourful spicy salted egg potato chips, crisp and juicy tomato citrus potato chips, crunchy onion rings, and fluffy potato tots with sweet and spicy glaze.

And of course don’t miss out their signature carrot cake to pair with as well as some tempting thirst such as the Strawberry Float and the Sarsaparilla Float.

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing quality time and platter with family and friends in Tony Roma. And now, one can enjoy this limited – time offerings of lamb dishes which will be available anytime including weekends and public holidays from 1st July till 31 August 2019 at all twelve Tony Roma’s outlets across Malaysia.

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