Bo Dining @ The Linc

An insta-friendly place to go for those who love to capture some insta-photo on their phones. Located in KL City, The Linc is one of the talk-about places that offer you with not just a space for photography but eateries as well.



Over a hundred years tree is one of the highlights of the whole place and located at Level 1 of The Linc, here goes a restaurant – Bo Dining that offers you with great food and concept. Walking into the restaurant, Bo Dining brings you with the European twist where their interior is elegantly decorated. The overall setup of the restaurant is from the 100 years old ficus tree at the open-air atrium of the building itself!

And here, you can visit both their outlets where they have one which sells chocolates and another selling wine and liquor. You can purchase your choice of wine and liquor there as well as some chocolates.

Ayam Percik

Famed for their signature rotisserie roast, one must try is their Ayam Percik. The Ayam Percik is beautifully grilled till perfection leaving you with the moist and juicy flavours of the meat itself. The tender juicy meat paired with their chef’s signature sauce is indeed a perfect match and they are sides with the fresh vegetables.

Fish Head Curry

The Fish Head Curry is, of course, the crowd’s favourites for the night. The thick curry comes simply aromatic and delicious and served together with the flaky fish meat with it. Every piece of the fish meat is such an indulgence and we are perfectly in love how the curry sauce drenched over our plate of rice. Oh, my that’s heavenly!


The Squid Ink Paella

The Squid Ink Paella comes interestingly good here. The Paella is served with the clams and prawns together with it.  They give you the umami-rich flavours and it is simply good and yummy!

Truffle Pizza

With the hint of truffle in it, the thick crust pizza comes yummy too. It is perfectly well- oven baked with the great hint of truffle in it which is such an indulgence. The Pizza comes perfectly good to my taste buds too.


Margarita Pizza

A truly Margarita Pizza is something to look forward as well. The pizza comes amazingly good.  Have this deliciously made pizza which is packed with the flavourful and addictive cheese on the top with the half-cherry tomatoes.

Strawberry Texture

The Strawberry Texture fares a good mark as well. The Strawberry Texture comes with the sourish sweet blend with the combination of strawberry and sorbet.

Overall, Bo Dining brings you with the pork-free all dining menu that cater for everyone. With the unique blend of taste and great ambience, Bo Dining comes perfectly good and making us coming back for more!

Bo All Dining 
LINC, LOT 1-10/1-11, NO 360 THE, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 017-211 2842
GPS Location: 3.1600241,101.7210287