Sinful @ Plaza Arkadia : Sinfully good Seafood and Desserts!

Plaza Arkadia is one of the latest hype places for dining. And being that, one can go for great meals and dishes in one place. Recently, we spotted this newly open shop in Plaza Arkadia that serves you with seafood and chocolate desserts.

Nested in Hutton Block, Plaza Arkadia, one can easily spotted this restaurant which will definitely lure you with the fresh seafood and desserts for sure.

Seafood Platter 
( RM 22.90 (1 pax) | RM 44.90 (2 pax)| RM 88.90 (4 pax)|  
RM 135.90 (6 pax) | Party Combo (RM 224.80 )(10 Pax)

The highlights here is of course they customized seafood combo or platter which is alike many Shell Out dishes. And in here, the seafood platter is served with the 6 types of flavours which includes the Sinful Signature, BBQ, Garlic, Spicy & Sour, Honey Mustard and Curry. The platter is then complete with the addictive  deep fried softshell crab together with the free flow side dishes such as grilled potatoes, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and fragrant rice. The portion comes simply generous and fresh. Not just that, they are addictive too in its taste where I personally in love with the Sinful Signature and Garlic. The sauce is not too spicy but it is perfectly paired with the seafood and give you an addictive flavour.

We also enjoyed their choices of chocolate delights that comes amazingly good too. In here, the chocolates are imported all the way from Belgium. And it here, they offers more than 50 types of desserts by using their premium Belgian Chocolates.  And for this round, we tried the 2 signature desserts which are the Strawberry Wrap Crepe and the Chocolate Waffle. Both of it comes simply irresistible.

Strawberry Crepe 

Started off with the Strawberry Crepe. The Strawberry Crepe is beautifully served with two choice of the chocolate of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The chocolate is topped on top while the inside complete with slices of strawberry.

Chocolate Waffles

As for the Chocolate Waffles, they comes simply beautiful and graced with the addictive chocolate on the top. I am loving the creamy addictive blend of the chocolate at the top and melts in the mouth sensation. The chocolate is sinfully good where I don’t mind for the second piece of waffle.

Overall, the food here are impressively good and yet affordable. It is one of the place I would definitely come for few visit too.

Block Hutton,
G-3A Plaza Arkadia,
Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No: 0162205713 | 0327807336
Web :