An Instagram-Friendly Street To Go

Kwai Chai Hong (鬼仔巷 )  is one of the instagram friendly place to go. Located in Petaling Street, one can spot this awesome instagram shots all here. The rejuvenation initiative by Bai Chuan Management involving 10 shophouses located between Lorong Panggung and Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur.

The name comes from many various of stories from people who lived around the area and one of the reason is named Kwai Chai Hong is because there is a famous haunted cinema nearby which was burned down a long time ago.

And being that,  one can explore the beauty of the little street here in Petaling Street. Petaling Street (which is named as Chinatown) is one of the historical place to visit where in here the population were mainly Cantonese and Hakkas who had come to the city because of the tin trade, working as coolies in the mines.

And this Kwai Chai Hong is one of the historical lane where during the olden days, this is how the people staying there spend their time. Walk through the bridge where long time ago, lovers spend their time looking over the river sitting by the bridge to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

And one walk down and you can find panels of windows which are actually restored and repaint. They are actually the real windows that are being used during the 80s.

There are also a man playing “er-hu” which is the traditional instruments during the olden days. And this usually the entertainment during those days where children or people staying there spend their time hearing music and have chit chats with their friends and family.

As there is no internet or education is not a must, there will always be an uncle who earn their living writing letters back to their family in China.

You can see those children playing with their by the floor too.

There is also a lady with their handkerchief and also a nice artwork above the stairs.

It is beautifully done with the landlord there with the hair stylist. The whole artwork symbolizes the living during the olden days along this street.

Get your haircut there as well.

The organizers also added in a QR Code for those who would love to read the stories behind the street.

If you haven been there, it is time to visit this Insta-friendly Street in Petaling Street.
LOCATION :Lorong Panggung (Search in Google Map “Kwai Chai Hong”)
OPENING HOUR:9:00am – 6:00pm

After you insta-photo session, why not grab some mouthwatering snacks in Petaling Street too.

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