Beer Garage : A place not just having great beer but delicious food too!

Good Food paired with alcohol is always the best combination. And Beer Garage is definitely the place for delicious light food and snacks as well.

 And in Beer Garage, they surprised us with their wide choices of food variety which includes Chinese, Western, Indian and more.

And in here, we really enjoyed their delicious cuisine. We started our meals with the Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow. The creamy eggy broth is perfectly served with their koay teow. The aromatic char taste of the koay teow is well paired with the eggy broth

Next, we had the delicious Stir Fried Roasted Pork where the pork is perfectly roasted till perfection. It is then stir fried till perfection with the dried chilies , and onions. We love the aromatic taste of the roasted pork especially the light spiciness which indeed enhanced the overall flavours.

Chicken & Lamb Satay
The chicken and lamb satay is another signature here. It comes with the aromatic and tender juicy meat. Dipped them with the creamy peanut sauce which comes to my favourite.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Al-dente spaghetti which is perfectly tossed with olive oil, herbs, slices of mushrooms and sprinkled with the chili flakes. We love how the spaghetti is done and each mouthful of the spaghetti brings you with the light umph of spiciness.

Pizza Hawaii 
The thin crust pizza which is topped with the fragrant mozzarella cheese. Topped with some chicken meat and chunks  of pineapple with it.

Grilled Chicken Chop
The grilled chicken chop is one of my favorites for the night. The chicken chop comes simply tender and juicy with the aromatic char hint. The meat comes simply tender and moist which makes to our favorite as well.

Masala Pratal Wild Boar
For some kick of spiciness, grab this Masala Pratal Wild Boar Curry where the curry comes simply aromatic with the herbs taste in it. I am loving the aromatic thick curry taste and it is perfect pairing with their bread. 

The Tumeric Mutton 
Asides from that, you can also ordered their homemade Tumeric Mutton to go with their signature bread too.

Salt Crusted Grill Fish
One of my favorite is the Salt Crusted Grill Fish. The Thai Favourites Delights to go for where the fish is perfectly grilled till perfection with loads of salt and also lemongrass. The Talapia fish comes simply fresh and the meat comes aromatic wih the hint of salt. Nicely done.

Steamed Squid Spicy Seafood Sauce 
As for the squid, I am having this the whole plate on my own.  The fresh squids are well steamed together with the bursting spiciness from their seafood sauce. The burning sensation on the lips where they have chili padi in the dish itself.

BBQ Chicken Wing 
The bbq chicken wings is something to look forward here too. The chicken wings comes amazingly good with the aromatic char hint and every mouthful is divinely good.

And of course, being in Beer Garage a MUST to have is of course their selection of beers. Some of their beer selections includes Asahi from Japan, Connors from England, Carlsberg from Denmark and Blanc 1664 from France. 

And don’t miss out their darts, snooker, poker and many more games in Beer Garage.

For more information on Beer Garage, check out their facebook at

Address: No, 2, Jalan PJS 11/14, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 017-319 9836
Opening Hours: 4 pm – 2 am