Like every other mom, I want to give my child the best of everything and so much more. My husband and I want Grace to be strong, happy and in good health. She is growing and developing at an incredible rate, so we always make sure that she has the right combination of calories and nutrients to keep her going.

I still remember my girl often had constipation and we had a hard time providing her different types of food and beverages to ease the problem because she was a picky eater back then. It was a frustrating experience for me and my child. Nothing is worse than seeing her crying in discomfort. Gradually I started introducing more high-fibre food and fruits into her diet to ease her constipation.
As soon as my child turns three, I have to encourage her to drink at least two glasses of milk per day. At this age, I also want to make sure she has a diet that will enable strong bones and good digestive health.

Finding the right growing-up milk brand was challenging and most of them are really pricey. I want the best for my child but at the same time I don’t want to compromise any of the essential nutrients that he would get from drinking regular growing-up milk. We have tried so many growing-up milk brands but we finally found something that is suitable for her (not to mention that it’s affordable too!). I was recommended to try Dugro Vegetable and Fruit, which it actually helped her a lot and it eased her constipation as well. Dugro is formulated with 15 vitamins and minerals, DHA and lcFOS to support overall growth and development. She is now drinking Chocolate flavoured milk and she loves it!

I’m also a regular user of Dugro’s Careline that are made up of experts such as nutritionists, dietitians and former nurses. Every time I have questions about my child’s nutrition, I would call them up for advice and support. They would call me once a while to check on my child’s progress and making sure that I am doing alright.

Dugro recently launched its ‘So Much More’ campaign at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, featuring interactive on-ground games and activities, sampling, free consultation from the expert Careline team, freebies like free photo for parents to snap memorable fun moments with their loved ones.

I decided to bring my daughter and parents to join in the fun. Grace had so much fun! We got to spend some time together building a personalised backpack with her name attached on it. I even included a dedicated love message for her, embroided inside the backpack. I hope she loves it and keep the backpack forever!

And not just that, Grace also had learned a lot during the road show  and bringing us a great family time in the event. She had play some games around the area with the super enjoyment.

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