Hoi King Heen and Hong Kong Airlines Launch Inflight Dining Partnership

Hoi King Heen, award winning Chinese restaurant under the helm of Executive Chinese Chef Leung Fai Hung at InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, debuts its collaboration with Hong Kong Airlines to bring authentic Cantonese cuisine to the sky. Chef Leung has crafted special co-branding menus featuring more than 15 of his signature dishes for business-class travellers on all Hong Kong Airlines flights departing from Hong Kong, taking gastronomic experience yet again to a whole new level, between January and November 2017.

“Dining on a plane is different to eating on the ground,” says Chef Leung. “The humidity is low at high altitude which affects the sensitivity of our taste buds, while the limited technology on a plane and the safety considerations of cooking restrict what can be prepared. I was particularly intrigued to create intense flavour pairings and special menus that combine a diverse selection of interesting dishes that can offset the impact, while enlivening the gustatory senses of passengers, so that they can enjoy specialties that are uniquely delicious in the skies.”

The co-branding menus specially designed by Chef Leung, comprising starters, entrées and desserts, are authentic Cantonese dishes at heart but with added elements of sophistication. Chef Leung uses seasonal ingredients and authentic cooking techniques to amazing effect. Meticulous and continuous testing and reviews between Chef Leung, Hong Kong Airlines’ in-flight culinary team and its caterer, Gate Gourmet Hong Kong, were carried out to ensure that on-board preparation and execution are as close as possible to Hoi King Heen itself. Business Class customers will be able to sample some of Hoi King Heen’s signature dishes including Braised Beef Brisket Stuffed in Pear; Steamed Spotted Garoupa Fish Ball with Pumpkin Sauce; and Deep-fried Chicken with Lemongrass, Ginger and Preserved Mandarin Orange Peel. The succulent pear braised with beef refreshes taste buds and sooths the throat amid dry atmosphere. Customers will be surprised by the tenderness of the steamed spotted garoupa fish ball as well as the crispiness of deep-fried chicken despite the high altitude. (Please see appendix for full menu)

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Alexander O. Wassermann, General Manager of InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong said. “We are very excited to partner with Hong Kong Airlines. As the World’s Leading Luxury Business Hotel recognised by World Travel Awards (WTA), we are dedicated to consistently provide our guests with memorable experiences as well as exceptional hospitality. This aligns with the mission of Hong Kong Airlines who strive for excellence in service and quality of onboard products.  We take great pride in the opportunity to delight guests flying from Hong Kong with authentic Cantonese delicacies, and together with Hong Kong Airlines, to raise the bar for in-flight dining to brave new heights.”

“We are delighted to partner with Hoi King Heen to offer our business class customers a delicious selection of authentic Cantonese dishes,” said Mr. Christopher Birt, General Manager, Inflight Services of Hong Kong Airlines. “We care about our customers and their travel experiences by offering wholehearted service from the beginning of the journey and place great emphasis on the quality of our inflight catering. We aim to deliver a delicious culinary flight experience by bringing true flavours to the sky. Through the cooperation with Hoi King Heen, we are demonstrating the development and expansion of our business class market, and the enhancement of services to our customers.

“Crafting the perfect in-flight menu requires a scientific attentiveness and thorough understanding of how the human body functions at high altitude, as well as profound culinary knowledge. As a professional with vast experience, Chef Leung is definitely the ideal expert to collaborate with.” said Barry Lim, Executive Chef of Gate Gourmet Hong Kong

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