Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees X SKINFOOD Yuja Refreshing Afternoon Tea

Inspired by The SKINFOOD Yuja Water C Line, Yuja Refreshing Afternoon Tea will surprise your taste buds with Yuja themed desserts and savories and bring you perfectly glowing skin from inside out.

Rest your soul and mind in the middle of the day with our hearty Yuja Refreshing Afternoon Tea presented on the 3-layer sleek designed tea set stand. Nibble on Yuja-kissed treats as Yuja Éclair and Yuja & Mango Sago Mousse with natural sweetness and fragrance from Yuja. Savour Honey Grilled Chicken Wing and Japanese Cuttlefish Skewer highlighted with Yuja Honey Sauce as a touch of exotic acidity. Extend the revived indulgence from warm Yuja Honey Tea in rich of Vitamin C for a truly relief relaxation afternoon.

Embellish the tea set with bites as Japanese Shingen Mochi and Black Sugar Cheese Cake enlightened by SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Line to keep your skin hydrated, incredibly smooth, and absolutely glowing!

Yuja Refreshing Afternoon Tea is available from now – Apr 30, 2017 daily from 3pm – 5pm at award winning Café 8 Degrees, offers a spectacular show of visual stimulation and charismatic surroundings, or at Bar & Terrace, features a revived alfresco afternoon tea experience under the gentle breeze.

Yuja Refreshing Afternoon Tea
 Award-winning Mango Napoleon
 Yuja Éclair
 Yuja & Mango Sago Mousse
 Black Sugar Shingen Mochi
 Black Sugar Cheese Cake
 Yuja Prawn Thai Salad
 Yuja Chicken Open-faced Sandwich
 Yuj Honey Grilled Single Bone Wing
 Yuja Japanese Cuttlefish Skewer
 Mini Crab Meat Tart
 Yuja Honey Tea

HK$168 per person

Gift &Offers:
1. Guest ordering an afternoon tea set are entitled to redeem a SKINFOOD skincare gift set、makeup service at selected SKINFOOD Stores (Valued at HK$150) and HK$50 SKINFOOD cash voucher.
2. The first 150 Yuja Afternoon Tea guest will be given a miniature Black Sugar Perfect First Serum
2. Get an additional limited SKINFOOD Yuja Water C Paper Mask by liking Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees and SKINFOOD HONG KONG Facebook page.
3. Enjoy up to 30% off at eShop or purchase with selected credit cards. (https://goo.gl/oO0xRG)
‧Subject to 10% service charge‧ Terms & conditions apply, please contact hotel staff for details‧Photos are for reference only

RSVN / Info: Tel: +852 2126 1960 Email: [email protected]

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