Cleanser Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

Have you heard of Neutrogena? I had been using this brand when I am young and being now I am still using this brand for years. And this round, been invited to join the “Beauty Squad with Neutrogena”

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleanser is one of the brand that give you the deep cleaning and removing all the dirt and dead skin for your skin. This brings you with the rich and creamy texture and the smell is soothing. Love how the pleasant mulberry scents in it.

As for this cleanser- Neutrogena had claimed that the cleanser will provide you with 2x Brightening power.  With the mulberry extract as part of the ingredients, it is believe and clinically proven to brings you some whitening effect to your face.

I love the cleanser as it inddeed remove the dirt in the face making my face not to oily. Not just having the effect, the cleanser also priced at affordable range.

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