Carousels Pay-As-You-Wish buffet lunch gives back to charity

Carousel celebrated its 10th anniversary on Saturday, 18 February, with 307 guests and fans of the buffet restaurant. The Pay-As-You-Wish buffet lunch saw an enthusiastic crowd gather outside Royal Plaza on Scotts from 6.30am to ensure a seat for themselves in the restaurant, and were treated to homemade cookies, bottled water and chairs for the elderly.

During the celebration, the talents from Carousel’s service and culinary teams emerged from behind their counters to join in the iconic Carousel Birthday Symphony, which saw the talents showcasing their sleek dance moves for guests. The pastry team, led by Chef Choo Eng Tat, then wheeled in an impressive 10kg cake, specially crafted for the occasion.

Ms Kayla Chng, 50, brought her family along for the event. She explained that the event allows her to enjoy good food and do a good deed at the same time. The wide variety of food available at Carousel also benefits her family because even though her son does not take seafood, there are plenty of other options to choose from so everyone has something to eat. Her 80-year-old mother said she decided to join them on this occasion so that they can enjoy quality time together during the weekend.

Mr Tan Qun Wen, 17, said that it was very generous of the restaurant to host this Pay-As-You-Wish buffet lunch and he wants to take this opportunity to try the food at Carousel because it is the first time he and his friends are visiting the buffet restaurant after hearing good reviews about it.

Guest-of-Honour, General Manager of The British Club, Lord Sean Boyle BEM, who led the pioneer team in the opening of Carousel ten years ago as the F&B Manager then, graced the occasion.

In the spirit of the occasion, the hotel will donate all profits from the event to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF). The total amount that will be donated to STSPMF is $11,222, inclusive of a donation of $4,000 (the value of one membership fee) from The British Club.

Chief Experience Officer (CEO) and General Manager of Royal Plaza on Scotts, Patrick Fiat, said, “We are honoured to share this joyous occasion with our guests and to do our part in giving back to the society.”

About The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund started in 2000 as a community project initiated by The Straits Times to provide pocket money to children from low-income families to help them through school. The children can use this money for school-related expenses, such as buying a meal during recess, paying for transport or using it to meet other schooling needs. The financial help also eases the burden of the many parents who are already struggling to feed their families on their meagre incomes.

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