Usher CNY with the Stars at Genting Palace

Usher this Chinese New Year in Genting  Highlands with great fortunes and prosperity. This year, Resorts World Genting offers a wide selection of Chinese New Year Menu where one can enjoy the wide variety of awesome-licious delights here.
Prosperity Japanese Tuna Yee Sang
Starts your toast of prosperity with a variety choice of yee sang from Salmon Yee Sang ( RM 155 nett (L)/ RM 88 nett (S)); Wan Yee Yee Sang ( RM 118 nett (L)/ RM 69 nett (S)); Japanese Tuna Yee Sang ( RM 155 nett (L)/ RM 88 nett (S));, Black Caviar and Salmon Yee Sang ( RM 288 nett (L)/ RM 180 nett (S));Tuna Yee Sang (RM 388 nett) , Bostan Lobster Yee Sang ( RM 388 nett) and many more.
Double-Boiled Dried Seafood and Abalone Treasure Pottage
A bowl of hearty soup is something you need in this cold place. Help yourself with the flavourful bowl of soup which is completed with load dried seafood in it and also a piece of luxurious pulpy juicy abalone in it.
Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce
Enjoy the Kampung Style Chicken here. It is well marinated with the soy sauce and braised for 35 minutes. The chicken brings you with the slightly rough texture as using the Kampong Style Chicken but the sauce is well infused into meat leaving you with the flavourful texture.
Steamed River Marble Goby with Crispy Ginger
Enjoy the river marble goby here. The fresh fish is well steamed till perfection where it brings you the flaky texture. Topped with the crispy ginger in it. Nice one.
Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet 
Fans of goose feet, don’t miss this. Enjoy your meals with the with these goose feet which is well braised till perfection. Enjoy these good tempting delights that is topped with the scrumptious ingredients such as siew yok, sea cucumber, mushroom and more.
Pan Fried Marmite Prawns
Coated with the luscious marmite sauce on top, the prawns indeed infused with the complete flavours in it.
Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice with  Waxed Meat
Ends your meal with some sweet desserts as well as the Pineapple Tarts. The pineapple Tarts is one of the MUST to have where you can buy them  here in Genting. Made from scratch by their chef, the  pineapple tarts is indeed impressive.
And now, you ca get them from Genting Palace Level 2 ; in Genting Grand ;Genting Friends Restaurant   (Maxims) as well as The first World Hotel Lobby. It is priced at RM 39  nett for 20 pcs and 12 pcs at RM 28.00
As for the CNY Menu, Genting Palace brings you with their CNY Set Meals from RM 568 onwards. The menu selections are as below
RM 569 nett (4 pax); RM 888 nett (6 pax) : RM 1,288  nett ( 10 pax)
RM 1,788(10 pax); RM 2,488 (10 pax). RM 3,688 nett (10 pax); and RM 7,888 nett ( 10 pax)

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