Seafood CNY Set @ Mei Keng Fatt, Ampang

Mei Keng Fatt is one of the restaurant which is famed with their delicious tempting crab-licious meal. Located in a hidden location by MRR2; the restaurant is indeed popular among the locals. 
And for this coming Chinese New Year, Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant offers you with an affordable Chinese New Year package which will definitely brings you and your family a prosperous new year ahead.
Seafood Pot (10 pax)
Start off with the huge delicious seafood hot pot that is served with the gracious and tempting seafood in a pot. The whole pot is served with the scallops, prawns, clams, bunch of greenies ( brocollis); mushrooms, yam and many more. Cooked with their signature sauce in it. 
Oreo Cheese Crab
Comes with two huge crabs where they are being cooked with the creamy based cheese sauce and topped with the crumbled oreo on top. The sauce comes thick and creamy while crab is simply juicy as well. Nicely done!
Hong Kong Style Assorted Waxed Meat Rice
Enjoy the plate of awesomely good rice which is simply flavourful. The delicious rice is indeed a complete meal with the the assorted waxed meat which is definitely tempt you till the fullest.
Fried Nian Guo
Ends your meal of course with the delicious fried nian guo which is well done wth perfection. 
For those who are looking for a great meal with family and friends, Mei Keng Fatt is one of the great place to visit. Enjoy till the fullest with the seafood pot and also crabs too. The set is only at RM 555.00
Book your table now in Mei Keng Fatt! 
Address: No. 1, Lorong Awan 6, Kuala Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-4256 6491
GPS Location: 3.165339,101.7504259
Opening Hours: 
Monday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM
Tuesday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM
Wednesday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM
Thursday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM
Friday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM
Saturday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM
Sunday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4PM–2:30AM

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