A Prosperous Culinary Celebration This Lunar New Year at Tao Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

Tao Chinese Cuisine is one of the restaurant which is immediately recognizable with a vibrant design using the bloom of the pale pink April peach flowers as a signature motif and a spectacular cloud-like inspired ceiling giving an impression of dining under the star.
And this year, Executive Chinese Chef Wong Lian You will be preparing the creative blends o traditional items with a modern presentation. Starts your CNY this year from 2 January till 12 February with their great traditional indulgences featuring specially curated Culinary Treasures Set Menus, delightful Dim Sum A La Carte Menu and auspicious Prosperity Toss “Yee Sang” selections.
And this year, enjoy the assortment of “Yee Sang” which is available for dine –in or take away with the options of half or full set starting from RM 88 nett. Have them with the choice of creation like the Hokkaido Scallop, Fresh Atlantic Salmon “Yee Sang”, Soft Shell Crab with Wasabi Sauce “Yee Sang” and also the North Canadian Lobster Claw with Passion Fruit Sauce “Yee Sang”. It is indeed one of our favourite where the yee sang is simply appetizing with the end notes of the passion fruit sauce in it. Nicely done with the appetizing bites.
Double Boiled Black Garlic with Sea Treasures Soup
The hearty bowl of soup which is completely cooked with love. The soup comes simply soothing and yet delicious and completed with loads of sea treasures in it.
Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken with Mango Mayonnaise
Love some delicious fried items. The deep fried stuffed chicken fares a good marks where every mouthful of the chicken comes simply crispy and yet inside remains moist and also flavourful. Topped with the Mango Mayonnaise on top.
Steamed King Tiger Garoupa with Cordycep Flower, Red Date and Ginger
Being a fish lover, I am impress how the fish is prepared. The fish is well steamed till perfection and the texture is flaky. Topped with the generous portion of cordycep flower, red date and ginger. The dish is just awesomelicious  and something to die for.
Wok- Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk, Fresh Curry Leaves and Chili
The delicious pulpy prawns freshly cooked and coated with the salted egg yolk, fresh curry leaves and chili with it. The dish is absolutely delicious with the crunchy bites and every mouthful is just heavenly.
Stewed Abalone with Sea Cucumbers ad Duo-Coloured Dumplings
The pulpy abalone and sea cucumbers are being stewed till perfection. The juiciness of the delights is absolutely awesome and every mouthful comes amazingly good.
Steamed Glutinous Rice with Preserved Duck Leg, Salted Egg Yolk and Dried Oyster
Enjoy the Steamed Glutinous Rice with Preserved Duck Leg, Salted Egg Yolk and Dried Oyster. The delights are awesomely delicious and flavourful.
Deep Fried Potato “Ninko” Served with Chilled Aloe Vera, Peach and Osmanthus Oolong Tea Syrup.
End your meals of course with their signature Deep Fried Potato “Ninko” . Sides with the soothing bowl of chilled aloe vera, peach and Osmathus Oolong Tea Syrup. Nicely done!
The festive dining experience is enlivened by specially designed set menus available exclusively during this festive period. Especially for family gatherings, diners are sure to enjoy a feast consisting premium ingridients with contemporary presentation with set menus starting from RM 1988 nett per ten persons.

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