The Chinese Restaurant Presents Chinese Herbal Gastronomy

Herbs are commonly used in Chinese food therapy to add therapeutic value to gastronomic delights, and combining tonic herbs with other ingredients is a practice inherited from ancient China.

This year, Chef Lo is introducing a ‘Red Dates Collections’ which are believed to be beneficial for blood circulation in Chinese food therapy.  These include the nourishing double-boiled black chicken soup with abalone and red dates in young coconut, where all the ingredients are double-boiled inside of a young coconut to add succulent flavours.  Guests who are fond of dishes with a sizzling touch may feast on the braised oxtail with carrot and red dates or last year’s best-seller braised chicken with Chinese angelica, red dates and ginger which are both served in a clay pot.

Another one of Chef Lo’s recommendations is braised sea cucumber with millet and peach resin.  This dish also has rich nutritional value, as the peach resin is believed to have the same nutritional value as bird’s nest and improves wrinkled skin quality by nourishing the complexion.

Other herbal culinary creations include wok-baked Boston lobster with fresh Chinese yam and wild mushrooms, double-boiled Shanghainese pork dumpling soup with ginseng and stir-fried shredded fish with tianma, all of them are conducive to diners’ health.

The Chinese Restaurant combines a modern art deco design masterfully blended with the essence of a traditional 1920s tea house, serving authentic Cantonese dishes. There are two private rooms for 8 and 12 persons respectively.

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