Crab Generation, Taman Len Sen : A twist of Hoegarden with Seafood.

Crab Generation 蟹的传人 is one of the famous crablicious meal and now they had moved to the bigger premise to cater for the needs of their customer. Located opposite the previous location, they now have 2 floors , fully air condition  and able to accommodate more customers too.
Seafood platter with Hoegaarden beer 
啤酒海鮮鍋 (RM288)
One of the highlights is the Seafood Platter with Hoegarden beer bringing you with the hint of beer taste in the soup itself. The fragrant blend of the beer well infused in the seafood makes it to our favourites.
Hong Kong-style Spicy Crab / seasonal price; 
港式辣椒蝦 /時价
Famed for their crabs, Crab Generation never disappoint you with those delicious crab platter where they comes with wide variety and unique flavors. Served a various choices of crab dishes, one will definately fall in love with it, where it brings us with the light spiciness sauce with the sourish taste. Simply addictive too.
BBQ Pork Ribs/seasonal price
萬里長骨/ 市价
The BBQ Pork Ribs maybe something you maybe dying for. The pork ribs comes simply tender with the smoky sweet sauce on it. Deliciously good and such a flavourful dish to enjoy.
Yin Yong Japanese Snails/RM35 
The combination of two flavours of snails, half is with the buttery taste and half on the kam heong taste with it. The dish is impressively delicious and make sure you enjoy them fast before it gets cold.
Steamed Patin Fish with Choy Poh/seasonal price
家乡菜莆蒸巴丁/ 市价
One of my favorite dish of the day. The fish is well steamed till perfection, flaky texture of the fish meat and also brings you with the nice sweetness from the seafood as well.
Oh My! All the dishes comes awesome ! Fresh and good but make sure you make your reservation.  Reservation is available during weekdays but for weekends, only walk-in accepted.
Crab Generation Seafood Restaurant
60-G, Jalan 1, Taman Len Sen, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 11AM – 2:45PM; 5:30PM – 10:30PM
*Close on Mon
*Tue – Thu (Can make reservation)
*Weekend no reservation accepted

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