Banngkok @ Setapak: Affordable Tasty Thai Delights

Banngkok, is another place for delicious Thai Delights. The restaurant which is located at Setapak is simply a great restaurant to visit for this round as they will pamper you a great Thai dishes which is at affordable price.
Crispy Chicken Skin (RM 5.90)
Deep fried till perfection, the chicken skin comes with the crunchy bites of delights with the golden brown texture. It is amazingly tempting and irresistible where every munch is amazingly good, wth the crunchy bites and this is indeed something very addictive
Krapow Vs. Nachos. (RM 7.90)
Indeed a unique dish to try. The nachos which is sides with the minced basil chicken by the side and brings you with the spicy taste in it where they have some bird’s chillies in it. For those who love some snacks to go about, this is indeed a great combination.
Crispy Popeye (RM 5.90)
Addictively delicious and being not a vege lover, I am impressed too. The spinach is being dipped in the butter and deep fried.
Khanum Jeen Laksa  (RM 8.90)
One of the curry noodles that MUST try here. The creamy blend of brooth with loads of coconut milk in it. The brooth is creamy but not too spicy. Pretty addictive as well.
Mee Celup (RM 8.90)
Enjoy the bowl of mee celup with the options of three types of noodles – thin rice noodles, thick rice noodles and instant noodles. The soup comes with the hint of herbs and spices and every mouthful with the generous portion of ingredients and meat balls with it.
Khao Mok Kai (RM 9.90)
The twist of Malaysia and Thai, the briyani is indeed unique.With the fluffy rice together with the tender-licious chicken with it.
Khao Pad Tomyam (RM 9.90)
The lovely plate of fried rice which is well flavoured with the complete fragrance. The dish is completes with loads of seafood such as prawns and squids in it. Not too spicy.
Siakap Kaeng Som (RM 43.00)
The steamed fish is indeed well done, where they are complete with the spicy tamarind sauce with it. Well,I love how it made, with the kick of spiciness .
Siakap Krung Thai(RM 43.00)
Deep fried till perfection and served with the lemongrass sauce with it. No fishy smell but with the lemon grass flavoured are well infused.
Tomyam Super Banngkok
A spicy tomyam soup to enjoy, but being not a chicken feet and chicken wings fans, I would prefer to go for some seafood instead. Neverless the soup is good.
Tom Kha Gai (RM 8.90)
White creamy base soup where they comes with the creamy blend of the soup base. Not much of my favorites, but some of our friends love them.
Kai Dow Kra Paw
Enjoy the plate of minced beef with the basil and also fried egg with it. For those who love the taste of basil, they will love them for sure.
Ho Mok Steam Seafood (RM 14.90)
Uniquely presented in the coconut shell, the seafood comes with the Thai Curry Paste, Egg, Gravy and Young Coconut. And inside it is loaded with loads of seafood ingredients. The hint of the coconut in the bowl of hearty bowl is something I love and filled with the sweetness from the seafod itself.
Yam Kai Dow (RM 6.90) 
Some egg dishes to enjoy. If you happens to brings the kids, they will definitely love this. It is perfectly a great match with the crispy skin of the eggs by the sides.
Yam Thai Mama Maggi (RM 7.90)
The instant noodles salad where the dish comes simply spicy and addictive.
Sweet Dessert
Enjoy those delicious desserts served in the coconut shell where this bowl of sticky glutinous rice with creamy coconut milk and topped with vanilla ice cream with shredded jackfruit.
Banngkok Street Food
Setapak 56-G, Platinum Walk, No.2, Jalan Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, 53000
Facebook page:
Operating hour: 12pm to 11.30am daily

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