Xin’s steamboat offer just got better! Here is the steamboat deal… gather 3 – 10 friends and each person just has to pay RM40 nett! Guests will get to enjoy delicious soup, seafood, meats, noodles and veggies. Big in variety for a small price!

One hot pot with more smiles around the table. A popular dining option across several parts of Asia, the famous steamboat (known as hot pot to some) is a scrumptious way to bond with family, friends and even business associates.

From Monday to Friday, Xin serves up delicious steamboat. Xin’s delicious curry flavoured soup is a must-try or opt for herbal or chicken soup bases. Either one promises to warm you up.

It is a visual treat which features mouth-watering seafood, freshly cut meats and more. Aside from tasty broths, fresh seafood and succulent meat items are included in the steamboat meal. Handmade fresh sui gow dumplings, fish ball,
tender slices of chicken, pork, tiger prawn, fish fillet, fish maw, scallop, cuttlefish slices, tiger prawn, tofu, fried beancurd skin, pak choy, spinach, egg noodles, eggs are some of the items served.

So, if you happen to be thinking of the perfect place to organise special get-togethers, just call Xin Cuisine and pick steamboat dinner – your ideal choice! Here’s one good meal, leaving you fully satisfied.

• For 1 person : RM70 nett
• For 2 persons : RM100 nett per person ;  or For 2 persons: RM50 nett per person
• For 3 – 10 persons :  RM40 nett per person


For reservations, please call 2144 8750 (direct line).

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