Taste of Tottori @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

We are blessed and honoured to be invited recently to enjoy the Tottori Prefecture Course Menu where the menu is indeed a great one and using the premium ingredients to prepare. A restaurant fair will also be organised at Iketeru Japanese Restaurant and Chynna Chinese restaurant at Hilton Kuala Lumpur from 11 to 25 November 2016. Hilton KL’s best chefs will provide original dishes featuring Tottori’s best foods from the sea and mountain. You will enjoy the complete seasonal flavours of Tottori in each dish.
Tottori Vegetables Bagna Cauda, Black Shallats Cheese Roll, Dry Squid, Japanese Yam Noodles & Cooked Top Shell
The plate of goodies all in one plate, fulled with the fresh ingredients which flies all the way from Japan. The ingrideints are very impressive and chef indeed carefully plated all the ingredient to the plate. The Dry squid and Cooked Top Shell are indeed one of my favorites where the squid is chewy and moist. As for the Cooked Top Shell, it remains the freshness and sweetness in it.
Fish Pottage with Snow Crab Soup and Jambo Squid
A generous bowl of hearty soup which is amazingly good. Using the fish pottage to cook; and inside comes there is the snow crab and jambo squid. The soup is complete with seafood sweetness in it.
Simmered Totttori Radish with Flying Fish Soup served with Nodoguro Rock Fish * Grilled Leek
The dish comes simply impressively good where the flavours comes completely sweet and flavourful. Topped with the Nodoguro Rock Fish and Grilled Leek. The taste is amazingly good where each mouthful is filled complete with the sweetness from the radish and the flaky texture from the fish itself.
Seared & Steam Pacific Cod Fillet with the Crab Brown Paste
Crab Meat and Pink Soya Mayonnaise Sauce
The pacific cod fillet is indeed well prepared where it is being seared and then being steam till perfection. It is then being serve with the Crab Brown Paste
Crab Meat and Pink Soya Mayonnaise Sauce
Snow Crab,Prawn , Collagen Fish & Leek Tempura Served with Green Tea Salt & Lemon
Love tempura, enjoy the delicious tempura which completes with the snow crab,prawn, collagen fish and leek tempura deep fried till golden brown. Crispy and juicy, every mouthful is perfectly delicious with the crunchy bites with it.
Dry Persimmon Muscat & Pear Tossed with Fragrant Rice with Flying Fish Roe, Sesame Sauce, And Dry Seaweed Sheet
Enjoy the mouthful of fragrant rice where they use the Japanese rice and tossed together with the Dry Persimmon Muscat. Served together with the Flying Fish Roe, Sesame Sauce, And Dry Seaweed Sheet. The rice comes with the fragrant taste and moist.
Torroti Style Steamed Egg Custard Rice Noodle, Crab Meat, Fish Cake and Leek
Not just good delights here, but the steamed egg custard rice noodles is just awesome and topped with crab meat, fish meat and leek. The dish is amazingly awesome bringing you with the melts in the mouth sensation.
Pear Sorbet,Cream Puff and Fresh Tottori Fruits
Ends your meal with some sweet ending. The lovely desserts that definitely make a smile to your face. Enjoy the pear sorbet, cream puff and those imported fruits that will burst your mouth with complete sweetness.
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All the pictures is taken with Casio ZR5000 camera

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